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Curriculum Content

Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

Park View EYFS Framework Curriculum

Early Learning Goals


Year 6 SATs Infromation

SATs Information for Parents 2024

Curriculum Overviews

Nursery Curriculum Overview

Reception Curriculum Overview

Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Year 2 Curriculum Overview

Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Year 4 Curriculum Overview

Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Year 6 Curriculum Overview


Phonics statement – Monster Phonics

Monster Phonics parents letter

Monster Phonics reading books letter

Termly Planners

Autumn Termly Planners

Nursery Autumn Termly Planner

Reception Autumn Termly Planner

Year 1 Autumn Termly Planner

Year 2 Autumn Termly Planner

Year 3 Autumn Termly Planner

Year 4 Autumn Termly Planner

Year 5 Autumn Termly Planner

Year 6 Autumn Termly Planner

Spring Termly Planners

Nursery Spring Termly Planner

Reception Spring Termly Planner

Year 1 Spring Termly Planner

Year 2 Spring Termly Planner

Year 3 Spring Termly Planner

Year 4 Spring Termly Planner

Year 5 Spring Termly Planner

Year 6 Spring Termly Planner

Summer Termly Planners

Nursery Summer Termly Planner

Reception Summer Termly Planner

Year 1 Summer Termly Planner

Year 2 Summer Termly Planner

Year 3 Summer Termly Planner

Year 4 Summer Termly Planner

Year 5 Summer Termly Planner

Year 6 Summer Termly Planner

Homework Menus

Homework Menus Spring 2 2024

Year 5 Homework Menu - Beast Creator

Homework Menus Spring 1 2024

Reception Homework grid - Dinosaurs

Year 1 Homework menu - Bright lights, Big City

Year 3 Homework menu - Gods and Mortals

Year 4 Homework menu - I am Warrior

Year 6 Homework menu – The Human Body

Homework Menus Summer 1 2024

Year 5 Home learning menu - Pharaohs

Homework Menus Summer 2 2024

Year 5 Home learning menu - Time Travellers

Homework Menus Summer 1 2023

Reception Homework Menu – Growth

Year 1 Homework menu – Memory Box

Year 2 Homework menu – Land Ahoy!.docx

Year 3 Homework menu – Flow

Y4 Homework menu – Road Trip USA

Year 5 Homework menu – Pharaohs

Year 6 Homework menu – Ancient Maya

Addition Information for parents

Division Information for parents

Multiplication Information for parents

Subtraction Information for parents

English Information Meeting Documentation

English Support for parents

Supporting your child at primary school if English isn’t their first language

Supporting your child with their writing

Progression of Handwriting Leaflet

Recommended Reading Books: 100 books KS1  100 books 5 & 6