Park View Road, Prestwich, M25 1FA
0161 798 7632/0161 773 5127



Grey trousers, skirt or dress.

Red or white polo shirt or shirt

Red jumper, fleece, sweatshirt or cardigan

Red, white or grey socks or tights.

Black shoes (no boots or trainers).

Summer – red check dress and grey shorts can be worn.

All items of P.E. and Games Kit should be clearly marked with the child’s full name. No football kits please

Key Stage 1:

 Plain white t-shirt 

 Black shorts/leggings 

 Suitable footwear (Black pumps if indoors/trainers for outdoor) 

 Black tracksuit for colder weather 

Key Stage 2:

Plain white t-shirt  

Black shorts or black leggings 

Suitable footwear (Black pumps if indoors/trainers for outdoor) 

Black tracksuit for colder weather 

Y4 Swimming:

Swimming costume 


A bobble for shoulder length hair  

Goggles (optional) 

Swimming cap (optional)  


Uniform supplies:

You can order and buy branded sweatshirts, cardigans and shower-proof fleeces via the school office or Pyramid Sports, 243 Bury Old Road, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 1JE: Tel: 0161 798 7448. Unbranded sweatshirts and cardigans are also acceptable, and can be purchased at most larger supermarkets. 

We also have a limited amount of Pre Loved Uniforms that are free of charge. If this would help you and your family in these difficult times please contact the School Office.