Most Recent Ofsted Report

Highlights from our most recent Ofsted Report 

  • Park View Primary School continues to be a good school.
  • Pupils are proud of their school.
  • Pupils are thoughtful, curious and welcoming. They like discovering new things and playing with their friends.
  • Pupils are confident readers.
  • Pupils learn about the broad range of cultures in Britain and different religions.
  • Pupils feel happy and safe at school.
  • Pupils know that they can talk to a trusted adult if they are worried about anything.
  • Staff have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour and achievement. As a result, most pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), behave well.
  • Leaders work closely with parents, carers and external agencies to ensure that pupils with SEND get the support that they need to access the curriculum and develop their knowledge well.
  • Caring and experienced staff cater for pupils’ academic, social and emotional needs, so that they can thrive in school.
  • Leaders and governors know precisely what they want pupils, including children in the early years, to learn.
  • Leaders have crafted a well organised and ambitious curriculum.
  • Governors know the school’s strengths. They also know where improvements need to be made and provide suitable challenge to leaders to hold them to account.
  • A wide range of extra-curricular activities and events enrich pupils’ learning.
  • Many opportunities are available for pupils to refine their sporting skills and pursue their interests.
  • Pupils enjoy educational visits to museums and local places of interest.
  • Leaders keep close checks on pupils who may be vulnerable.
  • Leaders have created a strong safeguarding culture. They make sure that staff are trained well and that they understand their responsibilities to keep pupils safe.