Year 6

Year 5/6 Graffiti Art

Over the last few weeks year 5 and 6 have been learning about modern day graffiti and origins. The pupils have then spent time creating their own graffiti.
The pupils looked at the early origins of graffiti found in America in the 1980’s.   They explored different types of street art, Banks and Akse_19, who created the picture of Victoria Wood on a building near Heaton Park in Prestwich. Then the pupils created their own wall to mount their graffiti tag onto. 

Christmas Shows

Please take a look at our Christmas Shows

Anderson Shelters

Over a few afternoons, we created a model of our Anderson shelters based on our designs. We used a range of materials such as cardboard, grass, mud, soil, stones and sticks. We used rakes to gather moss from different areas of the school and used spades to dig for clay in the ground. Some children brought materials from home too such as flowers, playdough, action figures, coffee, wool, tea bags and much more to add to their model. Once our shelters were finished, we tested them to see if they were good as protection. We put an egg inside each shelter and placed them on the ground, we then all had a turn of throwing a range of balls to see if it would protect the egg or not. Some of the shelters were great protection; however, some of the shelters unfortunately did not protect their egg!


Using a variety of ingredients, we made blood. We used water with yellow food colouring to represent plasma, Cheerios with red food colouring to represent our red blood cells, the marshmallows were white blood cells and the cornflakes were platelets. The result was disgusting but it was a great representation of what our blood looks like!


The children in year 6 have been looking at the major organs in the human body. This lesson, we looked at a dissected lamb’s heart to see what we could find. Each heart was cut differently so we could look at the inside from different angles. We were able to spot the different chambers, valves and arteries.