Year 6

Manchester to London

The children in Year 6 were set the challenge of walking from Manchester to London (200 miles) collaboratively in one afternoon. They were all so determined and worked fabulously together and actually walked 216 miles in total in 1 and 1/2 hours. Well done! You are amazing!

VE Day

We had our very own VE Day to celebrate the end of our WW2 topic.

Carrot Cookies

As a class we discussed what rationing was and why rationing had to happen. The children chose their own groups of 3 or four. They were given a list of ingredients and a recipe to follow. The children worked collaboratively ensuring their recipe had the correct amount of each ingredient and took turns to carry out the different instructions from the recipe. The children really enjoyed baking carrot cookies and obviously they enjoyed eating them. Yum!

Digestive System

Using a variety of equipment we made a model of the digestive system. The bowl represented the mouth and the water represented saliva. The tube represented the oesophagus. Orange juice represented the acid in the stomach. Bread and crackers represented food. A metal tray represented the body and a plastic bag represented the stomach. The tights represented the small intestines and the cups represented the large intestines, the rectum and the anus. The result was a disgusting but scientifically interesting modal of the digestive system.

First we tore up the bread and put it into the mouth (the bowl) with the saliva (the water). The food then travelled down the oesophagus (the tube) and into the stomach (the plastic bag). Then we added stomach acid (orange juice) and squashed the food up using our stomach muscles (our hands). The food then passed through the small intestines (the tights) and all the nutrients we need for growth and energy flowed into the body (the metal tray). The things the body couldn’t digest were transferred to the large intestines (the paper cup) and were pushed out mimicking the action of going to the toilet.


Using a variety of ingredients we made blood. Water with yellow food colouring represented plasma, Cheerios with red food colouring represented red blood cells, marshmallows were white blood cells and corn flakes were platelets. The result was a disgusting but scientifically interesting representation of blood.

Pringle Challenge

The children had a great time making sculptures out of Pringles.

Science – Hearts

The children have been studying hearts in their science lessons.

PGL 2019

The Year Six children had a great time at PGL this year.


The Day the Chairs Quit

When the Year Six children arrived at school this morning, they discovered that all of the green chairs had ‘disappeared.’ Both of the Year Six classes were left a letter by the green chairs explaining why they had quit their job. The children in Year Six spent the morning sharing ways that they can treat their chairs better, reasons why we need chairs and writing an initial letter to their chair. The green chairs heard the children’s ideas and decided to give them a second chance. Will the children in Year Six persuade the green chairs to stay with their persuasive letter writing?





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