Year 3

Outdoor classroom – 3H

“Our children celebrated ‘Outdoor Classroom Day’ on Thursday 20th May 2021. We used our forest school’s area and our main school grounds to take our learning outside! Not only does this provide a different learning experience for our children, but it also promotes mental health and well-being too! Here are some photos from Year 3 and Year 5! We had a lot of fun!” 

As our part of our PSHE topic, we have been discussing a range of different emotions. For ‘sadness’, we have read a beautiful illustrated book called, ‘A Shelter for Sadness’ by Anne Booth. I think we can all agree that the children have made excellent shelters containing things that make them happy. Well done 3H.


Christmas Show

Please take a look at our Christmas Show

In 3H, we have been talking about Harvest Festival and discussing how we should be grateful for the wonderful food that we receive. To celebrate Harvest, we have learnt the Cauliflower Fluffy song in sign language; well done Y3!