Parents’ and Teacher’ Association (PTA)

All parents/carers with a child at Park View are automatically part of the PTA.  There is a small elected Committee of parents/carers who organise the PTA and all parents/carers are eligible to join the Committee.  Not everyone wants to commit to being on the Committee – but all parents/carers are welcome to attend PTA meetings and we do all we can to make meetings accessible to everyone.

PTA Events

The PTA organises and runs events throughout the year, including the Summer and Christmas Fairs, Cinema Night and the Year 5 & 6 Disco.  Our aim is to put on fun, affordable, family events that bring parents, children and the school together as a community.  We also raise money at these events for the school.

Raising Money for the School

The money we raise from events is spent on resources and equipment for the children at Park View so by attending an event or helping to organise one you are directly contributing to improving your child’s school experience.  The school will submit requests for funding to the PTA Committee who vote on whether to support this request – we look at how much money the PTA has and if we think the request is good value for money, etc.  Small requests can just benefit a small group of children, eg new football kit for the girls’ football team.  Larger requests need to benefit a much larger group of children, eg the PTA donated over £3,000 to update reading areas in every classroom and provided new books for each classroom.   

Other examples of what we have funded include:

·         Playground equipment

·         Resources for the Art Club and Craft Club

·         Leaving present for Year 6 leavers

·         Christmas present for each child

·         Christmas tree for the school hall

·         New games for Maths Club

·         Costumes for the nativity play

·         News magazine subscription for Year 6

 Bags2 School

Three times a year we ask parents/carers to donate second-hand clothes.  Even if you only donate one item all the bags of clothes are put together and weighed and we are paid by weight by Bags2School.  We usually raise around £600-£800 a year for school this way.  More information about Bags2School can be found at

 How Can You Get Involved?

We simply cannot organise events without carers/parents volunteering their time to help.  The Committee is a very small group of parents (usually about 7 of us) who oversee the organisation of events but we need lots of other parents/carers to help us plan, organise and run events.  We need well over 45 volunteers on the day to run the fairs.  You can help plan events or help on the day selling raffle tickets, manning a stall, helping in the kitchen, running the tombola, taking entrance tickets at the disco, etc.

 To get involved or find out more about us look out for details of our next PTA meetings or contact for more information.  It does not matter if you can only spare a small amount of time to help – we need all the help we can get!

 Best wishes

 The PTA Committee