Like all schools, we have a Governing Body which is made up of individuals from different walks of life who come together, along with the Head Teacher, to form the Governing Body of Park View Primary School. They play an important role in the school community as they help to lead the school, evaluate its progress and ensure the school is always looking and moving forward. Governors are seen as part of the Leadership and Management of Park View Primary School.

Governors at Park View support the school leadership team in making sound financial judgments and ensuring that the correct decisions are made about the children’s education. Governors monitor the progress of the school and evaluate the impact of those decisions. This means they look at how well our children are performing in their education and extra-curricular activities with a clear focus on the whole curriculum. As individuals, it is important that Governors know the school well, so they can often be seen around school and at school events. Governors set high expectations and ask challenging questions of the school leadership team. Park View Governors do not make day to day decisions about how the school is run, that is the job of the Head Teacher and senior staff but through mutual conversations will inform the leading and managing of the school.  

The majority of the work a Governor does is through the membership of committees which meet once every term. Governors are members of the following  key committees:
• Curriculum and Achievement  
• Safeguarding, Inclusion and Behaviour
• Health, Safety, Wellbeing and Community Liaison
• Leadership and Management

The Full Governing Body also meets once a term.

Full Governor meetings are clerked by Bury Council. The school is also supported by a School Adviser who works closely with our governors.

Examples of Governor Activities:
• deciding how the budget should be spent; ensuring good value for money;
• making sure the curriculum provides and is effective for all pupils;
• making sure the school buildings are welcoming, safe and well used;
• setting and monitoring the school’s values, aims and policies;
• appointing staff and making sure the right development and reward arrangements are in place for those staff.
• visiting school to oversee their particular areas of responsibility. 

The Full Governing Body meet once a term to discuss matters from smaller committee meetings and to also find out about current educational issues. The minutes are always presented one term behind as they have to be agreed at the following term’s meeting.

The school governors are as follows:

Mr Jeffrey Rose Chair of Governors
Training Link Governor
Co-opted  until 6/5/23
Mrs Sue Parkinson-Wood Vice Chair of Governors
Health, Safety and Wellbeing Link Governor 
Co-opted  until 6/5/23
Mr David Stephens Executive Head Teacher Staff Governor until employment ceases
Cllr Alan Quinn Local Authority Governor LA  until 6/5/23
Mrs Victoria Whiteley Parent Governor
Attendance Link Governor
Until 01/12/26
Ms Donna Marcus Parent Governor
Curriculum and Achievement Link Governor 
Until 05/10/24
Mrs Val Greenhalgh Co-opted Governor Co-opted until 4/2/24
Mrs Elizabeth Evans-Jarvis  Health, Safety and Wellbeing Link Governor   Co-opted  until 5/11/25
Mrs Kathryn Gaskell Staff Governor Staff Governor until 5/11/25
Mrs Emma Udall Head of School – Associate Member  
Mrs Rachel McClean Deputy Head – Associate Member  
Curriculum & Achievement Safeguarding, Inclusion & Behaviour
Ms Donna Marcus – Chair Mrs Sue Parkinson-Wood – Chair
Mrs Victoria Whiteley – Vice Chair Ms Donna Marcus – Vice Chair
Mrs Kathryn Gaskell Mrs Rachel McClean – Associate Member 
Mrs Emma Udall – Associate Member  
Leadership  & Management Health,  Safety & Wellbeing & Community Liaison
(Incorporating Out of School Club)
Mr Jeff Rose – Chair Mrs Elizabeth Evans-Jarvis – Chair
Cllr Alan Quinn – Vice Chair  Cllr Alan Quinn – Vice Chair 
Mr David Stephens – Executive Headteacher Mrs Sue Parkinson-Wood
Mrs Sue Parkinson-Wood Mrs Rachel McClean – Associate Member
  Mrs Emma Udall – Associate Member
  Miss Rebecca Watson – Observer
Complaints & Appeals Pay Committee
Mrs Elizabeth Evans-Jarvis – Chair Mr Jeff Rose – Chair
Mrs Val Greenhalgh- Vice Chair Cllr Alan Quinn – Vice Chair
  Mrs Val Greenhalgh
Mr Jeff Rose – Chair  
Cllr Alan Quinn – Vice Chair  
Ms Donna Marcus  

Governor Profiles

IMG_0125Jeff Rose

I have served as a Governor since 2009 and became Chair of Governors in October 2012. I earned my Dip.M and MCIM from the  Manchester Business School.

My early training was in Telecommunications Engineering developing into Project Management, Sales, Marketing and Business Development. I have participated  in a Government working party on Flexible Working and its impact on productivity, health and well-being. My experience in both technology and finance initiatives enable me to help the school in various ways including budgeting, investment and developing both its infrastructure and its people development programmes to best advantage. As a Community School it is vital we interact with all ‘Stakeholders’ and support the community we belong to. As a member of the Schools Governing Body we collectively aim to give the children of Park View the best possible start in life both academically and as well rounded individuals.

Elizabeth Evans-Jarvis

I have long standing connections to Park View, in that  my Auntie was a Teacher here for 25 years, my nieces and nephews attended the school and now my daughter is also in attendance.

I earned my BA and Dipl.Betriebswirt (a German degree) in International Business Studies  at Middlesex University and the Fachhochschule fuer Technik und Wirtshaft Reutlingen. My early career was as an International Business Development Manager in telecommunications. I am bilingual, English and German. In my early thirties I decided on a Career change, and obtained an LLB in law in  2006 and then qualified as a non – practising Barrister in 2008. In 2011 I qualified as a practising Solicitor. My experience in technology, business and law enable me to guide, advise and challenge the school in it’s policies, development programmes and achievements, ensuring that the children of Park View obtain the best academic and personal development start in life.

David Stephens

I was delighted to be appointed as Head Teacher of Park View Primary School in 2013.  Since my appointment I have always tried my utmost to promote the best interests of all members of the school and local community.

During my teaching career I have worked in a cross section of inspiring schools serving in diverse communities across several Local Authorities, serving on three separate Governing Bodies.  In my opinion, a good education is critical to the wellbeing and fulfillment of our children.  As society continues to change at a rapid pace, it is essential that school provides a safe, stable environment where everyone feels appreciated, valued and where they can learn, achieve and flourish.  I believe that high quality learning and teaching is at the heart of every good and outstanding school.

I love working on a day to day basis with all the staff at Park View to ensure that all our children, irrespective of ability, have the best opportunities to be successful and to achieve their full potential.  Park View is a happy school where people are helpful, considerate and respectful of each other.  Relationships and attitudes are very positive and an environment exists in which learning is an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

I consider it absolutely crucial for parents to be involved in all aspects of school life and to work in partnership with school so that together, we can promote high standards of learning, behaviour and attitudes to enable every child to be the best that they can be.  As Head Teacher I am determined to ensure that children will not only achieve their full academic potential whilst at Park View, but will possess high levels of both social and emotional intelligence to ensure that they are well placed to thrive and excel as they mature into adulthood becoming wonderful members of society.

During my time as Head Teacher, I am delighted to observe the progress that school has made as we continue to evolve and strengthen.  I believe that our school retains tremendous potential and am truly excited about leading school in the next phase of its continued development.

IMG_0134Councillor Alan Quinn

I have been a Governor at Park View School since 1996. All my children went to Park View Primary School.

I am a Labour Councillor for Sedgley Ward and have been since 2011. I am now a Cabinet Member for the Environment.

I work for BAE Systems as a skilled aircraft fitter and am a member of the union negotiating committee.

I am also a Local magistrate, but currently on the supplemental list due to council commitments.

I love being able to support Park View and am delighted to see the progress that our community school continues to make.


Val Greenhalgh

I have worked in education finance for 25 years, until my retirement in March last year. During this time, I have been employed in both the private and public sector, the last 12 years as a School’s budget consultant for Bury Council.  My role has given me detailed knowledge of the financial constraints all schools and colleges face, and the need for careful management of resources to achieve the best educational outcomes for young people.  Having been the budget consultant for Park View Primary School, I am aware of how the school is funded, and understand the specific requirements necessary to provide high quality education for pupils, delivered in a caring, nurturing, secure environment, empowering all pupils to reach their full potential.


Donna Marcus – Information to follow


Victoria Whiteley – Information to follow


kathryn-gaskell2Kathryn Gaskell

I have been a Staff Governor at Park View since November 2014. I currently teach in Reception and am the Early Years Leader at the school. I have worked at Park View since 2009 and have now worked in every year group in school apart from Nursery. In 2013, I completed a two year leadership and management course enabling me to take up a position on the Leadership Team.

The main reason for me choosing to become a Staff Governor was to further my understanding of school governance and form a link between the governing body and other teachers.

I am looking forward to working alongside fellow Governors to ensure Park View Primary School continues to raise standards as well as helping the School to develop and grow further in many new and exciting projects that will give our children the best education and experiences possible.

Sue Parkinson-Wood

My links with Park View began when I was 5 years old.  I was a pupil from 1966-73 following in the footsteps of my father and older brother before me.

I returned in 1993 as a volunteer in a Reception class to gain experience before undertaking a four year B. Ed Honours degree at Manchester Metropolitan University.

In 1998 I was appointed as a Year 2 Teacher , a post I held until  2014 when I became the full time Special Needs Co-ordinator for the school, holding the National Senco Award, a masters level qualification required of all SENCOs in schools. In 2018 I reverted back to being a Teacher before retiring in the summer of 2020.

Park View Primary has been and remains an important part of my life. I have been a Governor at Park View since 2011 and I am proud to support the current Governing Body in carrying out their vision for Park View in the 21st century. I have been involved in many of the recent changes to school, including the appointment of members of staff, including the current Head Teacher.

I believe in a fully inclusive education that puts children at the heart of all we do at Park View.

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