Why Choose Park View?

Pupil Testimonials

“Park View Primary School is an ideal school, from our nursery class to year six. Each day you will learn something new in every lesson. We have also got activities like Bury music lessons, Adopt a Street and netball and football. We take pride in what we do and celebrate it in our Friday celebration assembly at the end of the week”.

“Being at Park View Primary School has been the best time of my life, ever since I was four years old.  I have lots of good friends here and love the society in this school community”.

“Park View is a very, very special place to be”.

“Park View is really, really fun”.

“I like writing in my classroom”.

“This school is the best school ever, the pupils here are very, very kind and caring. We do lots of fun activities; my favourite is art because I love drawing. The Head Teacher, Deputy and other teachers are kind, caring and funny.  That is why I like Park View”.

“I love being a pupil at Park View Primary because I always come to and out of school with a big smile on my face. Also all the teachers make you feel welcome to Park View School”.

“The reason I like Park View Primary School is because all the lessons and activities are not boring so we have fun while we learn”.

“The reason I like Park View is that everyone is friendly and the teachers will always help you. The activities are fun and you won’t ever be bored”.

“I like the fact that students and teachers make newcomers feel comfortable and warm”.

“I like the sport facilities and wild life”.

“I love my school because the teachers are amazing at teaching and we all respect each other”.

Parent’s views from a recent survey

“My daughter is feeling very comfortable and easily mixes with all the kids with different backgrounds”.

“School offers different resources to use that can help in learning activities”.

“Great teachers and also amazing teaching methods”.

“Head Teacher and other staff are visible and approachable in the school on a formal and informal basis”.

“Each child is treated as an individual. This ensures each child is given the opportunity to reach their full potential”.

“Park View is a happy school and parents are able to approach all staff with any concerns”.

“It is a safe, caring environment for the children, which encourages learning”.

“The teaching staff are very good and parents are always kept informed of how their children are doing in school”.

“Multi-cultural school community is a strong feature”.

“The staff team is capable, committed and strongly focused on student learning”.

“I have found since moving my children to the school, they have had the freedom to be themselves which has led to them growing as people and in confidence”.

“Mr Stephens is a brilliant Head Teacher, I find him approachable and the children speak very highly of him”.

Sound Bites from the Parent’s Exit Questionnaire

“The thing I am most proud of is that my child has excelled at Maths.”

“Park View School has encouraged my child’s love of Reading.”

“Park View has taught my child a strong sense of responsibility.”

“One of the strengths of Park View is that they treat children as individuals and use different approaches to meet everyone’s needs.”

“I felt proud when my child won Park Views Got Talent!”

“Park View School has made my child more confident as a learner.”

“My child’s teachers have supported her learning and done an excellent job assessing and meeting her needs.”

“School has recognised my child as an individual and her opinions are valued.”

“A particular strength of Park View School is the way that it embraces our multicultural society.”

“Park View has a fantastic Head Teacher who is always really approachable and truly interested in our child and their achievements.”

“School has supported my child as a person through their great emphasis on citizenship and the performing arts.”

“The sense of community is a strength of the school.”

“I am amazed at how confident my child is – this is because of her teachers.”

“The range of extra-curricular activities is a strength.”

“The great use of praise and responsibility have helped my child grow into the fantastic confident person that she is.”

“The sense of community and emphasis on inclusion is a strength of the school.”

“My child has blossomed at Park View School.”

“The teachers, teaching assistants and midday supervisors are a strength of the school.”

“My child’s love for learning has been encouraged and as a result he has flourished.”

“My child has been treated as an individual and this has helped to shape him into the lovely boy that he is now.”

“I have always felt that my child is valued and respected.”

“The staff are amazing.”

“Communication between parents and staff is fantastic.”

“My child has excelled since she started at Park View.”

“I love the way that success is celebrated.”

“The way that the staff care about the children is a strength of the school.”

“Teachers put time and effort into helping the children and supporting parents.”

“The way that the school recognises and values all aspects of the children is a strength of the school.”

“Park View School is like a family.”

“All of the responsibility has helped my child to mature into a kind and helpful young lady.”

“The teaching staff are lovely they make school enjoyable, my child is always eager to come and I find them very approachable and helpful.”

“I am proud of my child because of the friendships that she has made at Park View.”

“Park View has supported and guided my child to excel.”

“School has made my child more confident.”

“I want to thank all of the staff, my child would not be where she is now if we had not moved her to Park View School.”

“Park View school has tailored the education to meet my child’s needs by providing challenge.”

“A strength of the school is the way they create an inclusive atmosphere for all children.”

“I like the way the school focuses on respect.”

“My child has achieved so much at Park View and his confidence has grown.”

“Having the opportunity to appear on News Round was an amazing experience.”

“The way school communicated with parents is a strength.”

“Park View is a friendly happy school.”

“I really appreciate the support my child has been given.”

“The opportunity to work in small groups and to get extra help has been brilliant for my child.”

“The nurturing environment and approachable staff are both strengths of Park View School.”

“Choosing Park View School was the best decision I have ever made.”