Year 6

Carrot Cookies

In Year 6 we have been learning about World War Two. We have been finding out all about rationing. We have up levelled ration recipes by adding key features of instructions, grammar and punctuation. We followed one of the recipes and baked carrot cookies, they were delicious!

V E Day

To celebrate the end of their WW2 Topic the children came to school dressed in clothes similar to those worn in WW2 or they wore red, white or blue as people did on V E Day. The children spent the morning watching a pantomime as people would have done during WW2. The children spent the other half of the morning finding out about how the war ended, watching videos from V E Day and making things for their V E Day celebration as people would have done when it was the end of the war. They made bunting, flags, mini flags for their cupcakes and paper hats. The children listened to Winston Churchill’s speech announcing the end of the war, they listened to music that was popular at the time of the war and sang cheery songs such as ‘pack up your troubles’ and ‘it’s a long way to Tipperary.’ The children then took part in their very own street party where they listened to music that was popular at the end of the war and tried food such as scones, jam tarts, spam, and homemade bread. The children and staff in year 6 thoroughly enjoyed celebrating V E Day!

Making Masks

Initially the children looked at variety of Mayan masks and discussed the different patterns and colours used to decorate them. The children identified the symmetry in all of the different types of Mayan masks. The children then designed their own Mayan mask in their sketchbooks, before drawing out their final mask design onto paper. The children then looked at pointillism and used this technique to add colour to their masks and the final pieces were displayed in the classroom.