Year 5

We really enjoyed our topic Alchemy Island. Here we are composing music for different parts of the fantasy island. We had to think about the atmosphere that we wanted to create and choose our instruments and rhythms to reflect that.

During our Stargazers topic, we have been looking at our eight extraordinary planets. To understand how far away each planet is, we used fruit to order and compare each planet.

In art, we have studied a famous artist called Peter Thorpe who uses abstract art. The children worked hard to create examples of abstract art for their background and beautiful rockets for their foregrounds. I’m sure that you will agree, the results are out of this world! Well done 5EH!

As part of our Stargazing topic, we have been looking at the moon phases and understanding why the moon seems to change shapes. The children worked really hard to create their own lunar calendars using Oreos – delicious!