Year 5


In Year 5 we have been exploring Alchemy Island. The children have been on a journey around the island and delved deep into the world of fantasy landscapes and buildings! They have written their own fantasy narrative, describing what happens as they step through a portal entering the unique world of Alchemy Island. Using a variety of resources, they created a non-chronological report all about gold and interviewed the Chief Alchemist to find out more about the Island’s secrets, including its magical powers and dramatic landscapes.

The children worked in groups to produce a power point presentation which they presented to the class. They had to imagine that they were working for the Chief Alchemist and gather information and describe their given area.  E.g. Rainbow Dunes, Fogwind Swamp, Crystal Hedge Forest, Glass Peak Mountains.  They worked really hard, had fun and produced some excellent work.


In Year 5 we have been investigating different materials. We classified materials according to properties such as thermal and electrical conductivity, solubility and transparency. We have used different methods to separate mixtures such as sieving, filtering and evaporation. We have also designed an experiment to investigate the best materials for thermal insulation.


In Year 5 We have been investigating 3D shapes, identifying and making shape nets, using polygon, straws and other materials to make our own 3D shapes. We have also consolidated our number work using the four rules and played games to consolidate our times tables knowledge.


In Year 5 we worked in groups to create a piece of music to accompany our travel around Alchemy Island. We chose different percussion instruments and planned how to play together, thinking about volume and tempo. After practising, we performed our pieces to the rest of the class.