Year 4

Dewa Day

A fantastic day was had by all on Year 4’s visit to the Dewa Roman Experience in Chester. We met a Roman legionnaire who marched us through the city to see the Roman amphitheatre and help us prepare for battle in the testudo formation. We then got to see real life Roman excavations back at the centre and even learnt about some other periods of history. It was great fun trying on all the Roman outfits and having a go at being an archaeologist digging up the past!

Anglo Saxon Homes

As part of our Anglo Saxons topic this half term, we have been looking at where Anglo Saxons lived. We found out what Anglo Saxons traditionally used to build their houses and took inspiration from nature to build our own models of Anglo Saxon houses. In groups we collected our ‘building materials’ from the nature trail then worked collaboratively to create our own model houses! It was great fun and many children thought it was the most exciting topic lesson of the year!