School Council

Our School Council consists of  the following members:

Millie Cook – Year 2

Fox Sumner – Year 2

Sienna Matthews – Year 3

Jamie Whelan – Year 3

Harveer Kaur-Singh – Year 4

Libby Turton – Year 4

Theo Hopkins – Year 5

Zaynah Ali – Year 5

Casey Romain – Year 6

Zainab Nawaz – Year 6


Visit to McCarthy and Stone’s building site near to our school

‘We went to the building site to check out what it is going to look like. It looked awesome but it is not finished.  – Jake

‘Last Friday morning the School Council went to the building site. Some of us got to build a small wall with some play bricks’. – Edward

‘The building site was fun. My favourite thing was getting a goody bad and holding a little light brick’. – Emily

‘What I enjoyed most about the trip to the construction site was making a wall out of soft bricks. I also enjoyed watching the crane spin around and learning about the construction site’. – Adam

‘Last Friday morning School Council were invited to the building site of McCarthy and Stone. We learnt how things were transported from one side to another with the crane. We also got little bags with several little gifts. The school also got play bricks. My favourite part was getting the gift bags’. – Erin

‘Last Friday morning School Council went to the building site and they gave us all a bag of goodies’. – Anastasia

‘I really like going to the building site last Friday morning, it was really exciting and fun. It was good when we saw all the hard work and progress they have made so far and it was very exciting to build a mini wall with play bricks. I liked wearing hard hats’. – Amy

‘Last Friday morning the School Councillors went to the building site and my favourite bit was getting a goody bag it was awesome. I loved it’. – Isla